The Cool Daddies Project
A companion to The Hot Mommas Project
Welcome to The Cool Daddies Project website, a companion to The Hot Mommas Project,  research project  featuring the best practices of today's renaissance men.  Starting with case studies used in academic settings, The Cool Daddies Project analyzes they keys to  personal and professional success.

The cases to the right were published in Essentials of Small Business Management, a leading Prentice Hall business text by Dr. Norman Scarborough.

Check out our Cool Daddies cases:

Josh Abstract

Josh Frey is the founder of and SwagCoach - a program to for people interested in starting their own business in 90 days or less.

Ted Abstract

Our Cool Daddies Case abstract on Ted Leonsis,
Vice Chair Emeritus of AOL, sports franchise owner, philanthropist, and serial entrepreneur.
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